Beauty is all around – we just tend to not see it. We strive to create visible and palpable proofs of beauty for you by offering you our everchanging confectionery creations. The scent of violets in the March sun, the aroma of ripe quinces in the late of summer, or the radiance of an elderberry's blossom white stars. Relish is omnipresent!

More than just a pleasing token for the palate:

Blossoming confectionery has a scent of its own, makes a first impression on our taste buds, sports a unique aroma and lingers with you for a long and comforting while … just as a good drop of wine may. True to ourselves and to our credo we ever create our world of confectionery anew: depending on season, on harvester's luck, or on surprise discoveries of our blossom and herb suppliers. The range spans from violets-raspberry balls in springtime to summerly chocolated mint leaves to sloe-lime marzipan in late fall.